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Mark Coker looks into his Crystal Ball – Predictions for the eBook Market 2013

Crystal BallThe latest predictions of Smashwords Founder Mark Coker were published today, 23 December 2012.  Of course, what interests me most – you guessed it! – is any mention of ebook covers. I’m happy to announce that indeed there are a couple of references to ebook cover design in his crystal-ball list!  I am placing a few brief quotations here with my comments:

“In 2013, self-published ebooks will swamp the titles put out by traditional publishers. This is good for the future of authors, readers and publishing. We’re in the early stages of a full scale publishing renaissance.”

All glories to self-publishing!  Please do enter you ebook cover for the Monthly eBook Cover Awards – Self-publishers only.

“Indies, as a collective organism, are become more knowledgeable, professional and sophisticated in their publishing. They’re pioneering the best practices of tomorrow. All authors will need to up their game. That means more professional editing, more professional cover design, broader distribution, smart pricing, and more books. Unlike their static print counterparts of yesteryear, ebooks are living, dynamic and immortal creatures. You can upgrade your ebook to make it more available, accessible and enjoyable to readers at any time.”

Yeah!  Anyone else for a new professional cover for an old book this year??

“Apple iBookstore will be the breakout story of 2013 ebook retailing…As 2013 progresses, keep an eye on market share data for the different tablet platforms. If the recent iSuppli data is correct, and if tablets continue to take market share from dedicated E-Ink devices, then the market share numbers will serve as a leading indicator of which retailer is gaining advantage in the ebook marketplace.”

Right – we’re keeping an eye on Kindle Fire and Apple devices…

“This is a problem. Writers want to publish books that reach readers, but to reach readers they must produce books that are as good or better than what the big NY publishers are putting out. This means writers must invest time and talent in their books, and if outside talent is required, it usually costs money. With this burgeoning demand for professional publishing services, thousands of service providers will open up virtual author services shops in 2013. The challenge for writers is to procure the highest quality services at the lowest cost. Plenty of scamsters and over-priced service providers will be standing by to help.”

Mmm…important!  And here’s Mark’s advice:

“Work directly with the individual providing your service – When you hire professionals (cover artist, editor, proofreader, marketing pro), hire the professional directly, so your money goes straight to them, and not to some author services firm who will farm the job out to someone then mark up the fee several-fold. Low-cost ebook formatters and cover designers offer services starting around $50.00 (that’s all!) when you hire the freelancer directly, at-cost.”

Well – my lovely premade covers are just $40.  I do a lot of effort with them by the way, to make them look really unique…and my custom ebook cover service is $70 (for samples view my Portfolio), and that includes three basic stock images…so I hope I am in Mark’s good books of an honest cover designer.  Hey, Mark – it does often take many hours to select the best images and play around with different compositions, cut out images neatly and combine them professionally!  And to find the right fonts that please the author…

There’s lots more interesting information in this article – about libraries, traditional publishers, Barnes and Noble, ePUB3, television and film (just naming a few topics) – please do peruse the full list of predictions here:

The article is titled: “21 Book Publishing Predictions for 2013: Indie eBook Authors Take Charge.”  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Personally I hope the stock image companies are going to drastically increase their male model images suitable for the romance genre…you know,  in poses without smiling and not holding gym equipment – and lots in historic costumes too!

Thank you!

Melody Simmons

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