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Self-Publishing Statistics – Interesting analysis!

12587444_mMmm…I loved this article on self-publishing statistics – these are my favourite two paragraphs:

“Respondents who paid professionals for services like story-editing, copyediting and proofreading earned on average 13% more than those who didn’t. Hiring a professional cover designer earned them on average 18% more. Yet, not all paid-for services translate into a significant increase in earnings. Self-publishers who hired professional e-book formatters  only saw average earnings of 1% more.”
ePublish a Book (

Another factor that seemed to improve the earning power of a self-published author is to make a book trailer. Romance writers also did better than science-fiction, fantasy or literary fiction writers, which might partly explain the high proportion of women in the Top Earners.”
ePublish a Book (

Please visit the site and read the full article – quite informative!  Here’s the link again:

Just thought I’d share it!  Premade cover sites are becoming increasingly popular too – now I don’t have the statistics to prove that and it’s just a personal opinion from observing forum discussions and searches to my site…so I have been updating my premades too and I add more whenever I get a chance between custom orders.  I always attempt to make a cover look unique and I do quite a lot of effort with my premades!  Please browse around and visit the various genres, though many of them overlap, so make sure to look around…

There are pages with eroticafantasy/paranormalscifisuspenseyoung adultnon-fictiongeneral fiction/poetry and children’s premade covers.

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Thank you!

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