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Tips for Authors: Smashwords Survey Results

Do longer or shorter book titles influence sales?  What is the ideal length of a book for the best sales?  And should you price your book at .99, 2.99 or 5.99?  The Smashwords Survey has some helpful answers to these questions.

Check it out now at the Smashwords Blog:

You can also get three great books for free there – The Smashwords Style Guide, Smashwords Book Marketing Guide and Secrets to eBook Publishing Success – links are on the side of their page.

In the third book – eBook Publishing Success – there is a chapter on book covers too.  It lists the six characteristics of a good ebook cover.  I will not copy all the information here, but will just post the introduction which I found very inspiring:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great ebook cover is worth 100,000 words.

Your cover is the first impression you make on a prospective reader. It’s the visual embodiment of everything your book represents. Great covers, through their imagery alone, can communicate genre, topic, mood and setting.

A great cover image makes a promise to the reader. It helps them recognize your book as one they’ll enjoy reading. 

At a glance, the reader will gain an instant sense for whether or not you’re a professional. Even after the reader has purchased a book, a good cover adds to the reader’s enjoyment. Customers might click on the cover image to view it full-screen so they can enjoy the artistry, and to add deeper meaning to the book as they read it.”

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