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My Destiny EBOOK UPLOAD sPrinting banners in the old days was a real hassle but with today’s fast and effective online printers it has become a fun, easy activity.  Bestselling author J.L Perry recently asked me to design a banner for her, which she was planning to print through Vista Print’s Banner service section.  They offer various sizes and orientations of posters and banners, but she wanted a long vertical banner that would go on their special stand:


Image of Banner from Vistaprint

Image of Banner from Vistaprint

What’s the thing about designing large banners?  Well – the size of course!  It is huge compared to the size of a book cover – this one was 30.1 x 71.8 inches!  That makes it more difficult to handle, and more worrysome for me as to the final outcome of quality and colour.  Here was my design (shrunk down of course):

Large Banner J L Perry small


I’m happy to say that Vista Print did a magnificent job and the banner looks super.  Here are images that the author sent to me:

image-10-07-14-05-21 image-10-07-14-05-21-1

Check out J.L. Perry’s book and also other great author swag on her Facebook page:

The book is on a special promotion at the moment – here on






For large author banner designs I ask $65 – hopefully the banners will not fill up my harddrive and backup drives!  They are fun to design though and useful of course at conferences, signing events and library appearances.




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