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New Premade Romance and Paranormal Covers

August 2015 Updates – Though I completed quite a few exciting new custom covers and box set images these last few weeks, I did manage to create a number of new premade romance and paranormal romance, YA as well as a couple of urban fantasy and erotica covers.  Here are a few samples:

Covers August 2015

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For new authors – premade covers are popular for inexpensive cover art.  Designers create them for different genres as possible covers, and authors browse these ready-made designs to find covers that might suit their books.  The most important aspect of a cover is to be visually striking and represent a genre style well, and it is far more valuable to have a genre-appropriate visually effective cover than a detailed illustration of your content, consequently premade covers are very successful and some authors publish all their books with these. You can even purchase covers from different sites and ask the designers to help you brand a series by using the same fonts on all of them.

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