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New Kindle World Release: S E Smith’s Magic New Mexico

Magic New Mexico Kindle Worlds Series s

I loved the first two books in the Magic New Mexico Series!  I was super excited to hear this series by bestselling SciFi Romance author S.E. Smith was chosen for a Kindle Worlds development – and that she asked me to design the covers.

First of all for those not yet familiar with Kindle Worlds – it is a special publication platform where an author is invited by Amazon to start a world, and other authors may then write a story that takes place in the same world and publish it, following the general guidelines for the specific world and theme.

The Magic new Mexico series is a unique Science Fiction Romance series with paranormal elements combined with science fiction.  The setting is the quirky extraordinary town of Magic, New Mexico, where the unusual is the norm and normal gets redefined.  You will find space ships, witches, werewolves, hunky males and badass heroines all in one book.

The first book in the series by S.E. Smith herself, is called “Touch of Frost”:

“When Star Ranger Frost is sent to Earth on a mission to capture a deadly fugitive, he has no idea he will be the most normal one of the bunch when he lands outside of Magic, New Mexico. To make matters more interesting, when he falls in love with Lacey, a very powerful witch, it opens the door between his world and the residents of Magic. Now the magical town and an alien world have created an exciting and unusual mix for love to happen. What incredible stories can you create when out-of-this-world aliens meet the magical inhabitants of Magic, New Mexico?”

All the exciting books seen above in the banner were released just this first week of May 2016 and already they are all in the Top 100 Kindle Romance World and Science Fiction Romance categories on Amazon.

You can find them on the Kindle Worlds Page here:

Most are also presently in the Kindle Wolrds Romance Bestsellers list:

Personally I cannot wait to read them too! I know the authors worked really hard to bring all these books to perfection.

Thank you to all the authors who allowed me to work on their covers.

Melody Simmons

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