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Animated Book Covers

Animated Book Covers displayed on author websites have become quite popular. Adding just a little glitter, glow or movement to a cover grabs the attention and fascinates readers. Below are sample covers with animation effects that I can create.

The main effects that I can add are:

  • Sparkles
  • Glow effects
  • Glitter
  • Glowing Areas
  • Moving Water
  • Fire
  • Moving Clouds
  • Smoke
  • Falling leaves
  • Falling snow or snowflakes
  • Lightning
  • Butterflies
  • Moving Hair
  • Water Drops
  • Bubbles

I ask $50 per cover to add effects.  The final cover will be saved in a GIF format that can be uploaded to any website.  The animated book cover design can also be posted on Facebook.

If you want to display the cover in a large size I can make the effects more subtle, but if you want to display the cover in a smaller size and on Facebook the effects and movement can be more bold so the animation is more clearly visible.


Please visit my Premade Ebook Cover Galleries for a fast, professional cover or order a Custom Design.

Happy writing!



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