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Premade Urban Fantasy Book Covers

Urban Fantasy is a very popular ebook genre nowadays – Urban Fantasy books can even be found amongst the Horror Bestsellers – after all they can contain pretty gruesome scenes of fighting and violence.  They are also listed under Paranormal Romance since the books often contain a love interest with a powerful guardian, angel, demon or vampire.  But what makes them different from the horror and PNR genres, is that neither the horror nor the romance is the primary focus of the book.  The primary focus is a powerful protagonist, more often female than male, who gradually discovers they have some sort of supernatural powers, but in an uncanny extra-formidable way, and before long the entire future of the human race might rest on their shoulders.  The female characters are usually good fighters, and although they might have a powerful boyfriend, they are stronger and the ones to finally defeat the enemy themselves.  All of this of course takes place in an urban setting, or it would not be called Urban Fantasy – a setting usually teeming with supernatural life, werewolves, vampires, shifters, angels, fae and demons.

So there you go – if you are an author and you have not dipped into Urban Fantasy yet – there are some major advantages to the genre.  It can be classified into various different major categories – Horror, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy and Urban Fantasy – increasing its discoverability on Amazon.  As long as the main conventions of the genre are followed, you can vary the amount of action and romance you wish to include.  The genre is popular with both adults and teens – there is a whole section of YA Urban Fantasy books too, and a lot of overlapping in this area.  Lastly, the covers are stunning – you get to have a gorgeous but tough-looking heroine hero on the cover, with an urban setting, lots of smoke and energy balls, with some really bright colors added here and there.

I have recently added new UF premade covers to my site.  Make no mistake these covers take huge amounts of time to design!  So there are not too many good premade ones available anywhere!

Visit my Premade Fantasy page to have a look.  They are all mixed up with the Paranormal Romance covers, of which there are some new ones that have been added too:


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