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New Premade Historical Romance Covers

Historical Romance Premade Covers s

This week I added a bunch of new historical romance ebook covers to my site – replete with long colourful dresses, couples dressed in ball gowns, antique architectural elements and appropriate designer fonts.

Historical romance novels – Regency, Victorian, Highlander, American South, Medieval, Western, Scottish and Time Travel books – form a popular sub-category of the Romance section in ebook stores.  Most of the covers have models on them – and obtaining appropriate model images that depict a bygone era is not always easy.  I search far and wide to obtain these, often at a hefty price.  This is the reason why premade historical romance covers are not abundantly available like contemporary ones – model images are scarce.  I then work on the covers to make them look like those in the bestselling sections of Amazon’s Top historical romances.

Historical romance books vary in mood from hot and erotic to clean, and the covers reflect this too – models appear in passionate poses with bare-chested men, or they may be fully dressed and shyly smiling at each other.

I always recommend that authors obtain covers before writing the bookeven when going with custom designs – due to the scarcity of models.  You may write an entire book with models dressed in a certain way and a specific hair style and colour, only to find there are no cover models available to match the description.  Sure, artists may change the hair colour or style, but it often does not turn out that well and I have seen some really badly-done hair jobs on covers that obviously look fake.  Brown hair can fairly easily be turned to red, but if there are thin strands of hair over the face or shoulders it may not be possible to change their colour.  Turning black hair to blond is impossible unless the designer paints or inserts new hair over the existing hair, which may result in a new hairstyle.  Dress colour can usually be changed, but once again if the dress is very dark it is virtually impossible to make it very light.

The best policy is to get the cover before writing the book, and that way one can match the character descriptions to the models on the cover and avoid the huge headache of getting the cover to match.  This is why premade covers are real handy, apart from being affordable – because you know beforehand exactly what you are getting.  And if you like the style and feel of the cover, the designer can usually design more in the series to match.

Happy browsing and grab them before they are all gone!

Thank you

Melody Simmons, Ebookindiecovers

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