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Premade Urban Fantasy and Reverse Harem Book Covers

To celebrate the New Year I am releasing a batch of premade book covers suitable for Reverse Harem and Urban Fantasy themes.  All covers are composite images, made with great care, many of them with body composites (different head attached to different body) – so your over is guaranteed to be unique whilst still being genre-appropriate.  Care has been taken to make titles clear and visible, and to make covers stand out well in thumbnail size.

These cover designs take a long time to make, and I probably won’t be adding any more Urban Fantasy Premade Covers soon – so snatch them before they are gone!

Eye colors can be changed at a small extra fee.  Hair color is more complicated and it may or may not be possible to change.

Covers can be made into a series by using the same fonts on a number of different premade book covers – no extra charges for changing fonts.

Most of the models I used for these do have more poses available (or face poses in case of composite bodies) so the cover can be expanded into a series with the same model. If you want more Urban Fantasy book covers with the same model you can order a custom cover design – information on the custom book cover design page.

View the Urban Fantasy / Reverse Harem Book Cover Design gallery here:

Have a fabulous 2018!

For those who have not noticed – my website name and email address has been changed for a fresh look for the New Year – so please contact me at:

Please refer to this page for information on paperback versions of premade book cover designs for Createspace or KDP Print.

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