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One can never have enough advertising materials for a book and the more methods at one’s disposal for getting one’s book in front of readers, the better.. Book trailers have many uses. They can be shown at book display events and conferences. One can send the video to the numerous book trailer sites specialising in showing only book videos.  The best place to show a book trailer is on your Amazon Author Page or on the front page of your author website.  Most authors nowadays have at least one book trailer on their Amazon Author Page, it makes it look more professional.  On an author website it forms a valuable tool in engaging readers interactively.

With  book trailer producers charging anywhere between $800 – $3000 for a book trailer of just one minute long, many authors attempt to do the trailers themselves. However, you may not have the time to do it, or you may lack the skills to make an engaging, professional-looking trailer.

One extra service I offer to authors whose covers I have designed is making good-looking book trailers.  Here are samples I have completed in various genres:

Romantic Suspense Trailer:

Steampunk Thriller Trailer:

Thriller / Satire Trailer:

Thriller / Mystery Trailer:

Non-Fiction Trailer:

SciFi Romance Trailer:

Strictly for over-18!  Example of erotica trailer.  Click here.

(You probably know that if a video looks blurry you can adjust the Youtube viewing settings by clicking on the little round spanner below the screen and choosing a higher resolution like 1080 HD)
If you are interested, please contact me and check whether there are slots for video trailers available:


2 min trailer – $ 660

1 min trailer – $ 560

The price includes all stock images used, two (for 1 min) to three (for 2 mins) video clips, all special effects and a music track.

I usually read the whole book and suggest ideas, images and music.  I will send you links to the clips for approval before purchasing anything.  If you wish to also search for items I will send you my list of resource sites for images, audio and video.

I do require quite an amount of feedback from the author – especially with the script of the video.  Keep in mind though that long text portions are difficult to read and slows down the movement.

The video is largely a visual medium and thus the images are of paramount importance. I do the script and images side-by-side rather than writing a script then trying to illustrate it. A lot depends on the raw materials available. If I find a really great video that suits a part of the book I may write the script in a way to include it, as sometimes good quality materials are scarce and one should optimise good images and videos when one finds it.

The entire process may take about one to two weeks.

Thank you



  1. Jillian Rose

    Great Trailer Melody…Just long enough and varied enough to elicit interest. I really like it.

  2. Dr. Bonnie Vause

    Awesome work! Will need your help with this! You did wonderful , professional cover for my book! Dr. Bonnie Vause, Ed.D.

  3. Beautifull work on my trailer. I have been getting wonderful compliments on how visually exciting it is and how great the music and images go together. I will definitely have Melody do all my future trailers for me as well.

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