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Here, however, I will attempt to answer some more personal questions about my services that authors often ask:

1.  What is your turnaround time for custom orders?

A: I accept a limited number of custom orders, hence my turnaround time is fast and a cover is usually completed within three days to two weeks, depending on the particular cover of course.  I can also do emergency services within a couple of hours if required.

2.  How long before I get a my premade cover?

A:  I usually respond within a couple of minutes or hours, it will be within a day at most.  I have customers in all time zones so please understand if I am not always online.

3.  How do I pay?

A:  I use Paypal for all transactions but you can also request to use Payoneer.

4.  Do you sell the same cover more than once?

A:  No, I never sell a cover twice.  It becomes yours exclusively.  Once a cover is sold I remove it from my site.  Some premade cover sites like to add “sold” stickers on top and keep the cover on display, but I feel that authors may not want everyone to know they got their covers as premades so I just remove the cover from my site within minutes.

Source stock images however are always purchased with a license and on stock sites. Someone else may purchase a license to the same images.  The covers are unique though as combinations of images, colour changes or fonts, textures and titles will make them different.

5.  Will you send me the PSD file so I can tweak things myself?

A: No, I do not sell PSD files. My covers are not templates and sending a PSD file with open image layers is not practical – there may be holes behind an image if you try to shift it, or you may find I merged all the layers several times during the process of creating the cover so you cannot move anything anyway. The stock image licenses for the raw images I use to create a design do not allow selling of original templates either, only completed designs  Plus I do not want to expose my Photoshop techniques by sending the original PSDs.

6.  Will you change fonts on your premade covers and what does it cost?

A:  Initial font changes are free of charge.  If you wish to have any other change such as eye colour change or adding an image element, I ask $12 – $30 for that.  Hair colour can be difficult to change though – depending on the individual image I may ask more.

7.  After getting my cover, what if I need further changes?

A:  I keep covers for at least 6 months.  I ask $12 for basic changes (title and author name or sub-title) and $20 – $30 for more major changes (colours or image changes) – it depends on the amount of work involved.

8.  I changed my mind – will you refund my premade cover/s?

A:  Unfortunately I cannot take covers back.  If I had to put them back up on my site it will look like I am reselling the same covers twice, which is not good for my reputation.  Apart from that it takes time to upload or remove covers, add titles, send samples and final sizes, place the covers in a file with your name etc.  Once you have paid for covers they are yours and I do not take covers back, so please decide carefully before you pay.

9.  Will you read my book before designing my cover?

A:  Hey – I love reading, but if I had to read every book I design a cover for it will take me months just to get a few covers done, besides the fact that it is not necessary to read a whole book to create a cover.  The cover must represent the essence and theme of the book, not illustrate every little detail…I do read excerpts though and need descriptions of the setting and main characters.

10.  Do you charge extra for stock images?

A: No – If the image is from one of the sites I maintain credits with, no, unless it is an exceptionally expensive image you wish to use.  Sites such as iStockphoto or Getty images can be very pricey.  I do purchase from most of the sites though, including specialist book cover stock sites.

11.  Can I send you my images to work with?

A: Due to copyright issues I no longer work with images that authors send.  I’ve had experiences where authors send me images that they randomly pull off the web – from places like Flickr or Pinterest, and claim that it is their own images.  Please note that it is easy to trace any image online, but it takes unnecessary time for me to trace images just to find they belong to someone else.  I only work with images that I purchase legally from stock sites.  If you are not informed about the seriousness of image copyright issues, please read this article about how someone was sued 3 million dollars for using ONE image from Flickr without permission:

Article on image lawsuit on Petapixel

So to save me the time of establishing the copyright of an image and to be on the safe side, I do not accept any images from authors to work with.

12. Will you design my cover yourself or do you have assistants?

A: I do everything myself.

13.  My cover designer messed up – can you re-create the design and fix the paperback cover? 

A: Sorry – I do not copy other artists’ designs, and I have my own techniques and methods…I don’t fix up work of others.  Besides, they own the copyright to their design, not me.

14.  Do you offer two choices for designs from which I choose from? Or, if I am not happy with the draft will you make another until I am satisfied?

A:  Yes, for a custom design I usually offer two  different covers, sometimes with different versions of each, depending  on the project…however if it is a complicated Fantasy cover that needs paint work and body composting I usually send just rough drafts to select a composition from before I will work on the final effects of one cover only as this kind of work is very time-consuming.

If it it seems I cannot do what you want at all and the project does not work, I refund 50% of the deposit paid (the other 50% is to compensate for my time), plus I retain the rights to any cover designs I may have made as I invested in source images.  However if it is clear that I did exactly what you asked and the fact that you do not like the cover is not my fault, I will not give any refund.
This does not happen too often since I examine a project very carefully before agreeing to do it…to make sure it is something that I will be able to do.  That is why it is good to have you send me some links to covers that you admire so I can get an idea of what you are aiming at.  Also, this does not include all the minor tweaks and alterations that I make to a chosen cover. Once you choose a cover I work on it till you are happy…

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