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Welcome to the new Chick Lit / Women’s Fiction Premade Cover Section.  Those not familiar with this genre may ask what it’s all about and wonder how it’s different from romance.  The simple answer would be that romance focuses on a central couple and their relationship, whilst chick lit is all focused on a female protagonist and the inns and outs of her life.

Subjects such as friendships, careers, dieting, motherhood, pregnancy, divorce, middle age, beauty care, dating, health issues and family relationships  are common in chick lit books.  The focus is on womanhood and the books are often humorous and lighthearted. There are various sub-genres within the chick lit category, and chick lit books may vary from teen literature to women’s lit to historical chick lit.

What do the covers look like?  In alignment with the lighthearted tone of chick lit the covers are often light in colour, with pink and blue being quite popular.  Vector-type drawings and art are often used, but realistic photos are also popular.  Some chick lit books have just a light-coloured background with interesting typography.  Fonts used are often the handwritten type, or clean sans serif fonts.

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